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As a Ranger on TheDyrt, I get products to test from time to time, and with Beard Born, I was given a discount coupon to purchase their beard comb and try it out. You can check out an unboxing video here.

I’ve had the comb with me on this road trip, seeing how it would handle my beard and the growth over time. Overall a solid comb.

The wood it’s made from is Argentine sandalwood, and it smells great. It also is very sturdy, so you don’t worry about the teeth getting caught in your gnarly facemask and pulling your hair along for the ride. It gets the job done, and with teeth of two different sizes you’re face and head are in good hands (or is it teeth?)

Sandalwood Beard Comb

It’s great to use to help with grooming, if you’re someone who’s looking to keep your beard trimmed as it grows, since it can highlight stray hairs after a few brushes. With camping, you don’t always get showers at the sites so having this to keep my beard at bay was great. I use beard oil and am finding after a few weeks now the oils have seeped into the wood, giving it a great finish and smell.

The carry case is a nice touch. I didn’t think I would wind up carrying this thing around with me, but once your beard get’s pretty thick it’s nice it’s something that you can carry in your pocket, protected, and with another pouch for your wallet belongings. I don’t think I’ll use it to replace my wallet, but I see how if you wanted to keep this comb is a bag with your other toiletries, the case keeps it protected from other stuff in your bag. You don’t want toothpaste getting on your comb’s teeth – that’s not how toothpaste works.